Submission deadline CLOSED! -30th June 2016

Theme: Disability and Age Inclusion in Humanitarian Practice: Scaling up progress toward the achievement of Agenda 2030

Guidelines for submitting presentations for the 4th Annual Humanitarian Partnership Conference 2016

The Papers and presentations should be around Age and Disability inclusive humanitarian actions in the following areas:

–      Data, Research and documentation of best practice (Sex, age and data disaggregation, quality, tools, real time, accessibility, decision making)

–      Advocacy and mainstreaming (Participation, barriers to participation, empowerment, policies, program responsiveness – disability, gender, age)

–      Financing and partnerships (Resource allocation, partnerships, networking, leveraging, accountability, measuring change).

–      Technology and Innovation

Guiding questions;

–      What are the policy issues and or guidelines?

–      What are the challenges?

–      What are we doing about them?

–      What are the lessons learnt?

–      How can we improve?

–      What can be done better? How?

–      What are our priorities?

–      Who takes the lead?

–      What are our collective targets?

Format for Presentations:

You may choose to do your presentation in any one of the following formats:

1.       Power Point

2.       Panel Discussion

3.       Photo Exhibition

4.       Video

5.       Scenario/simulation based

Take note that a projector, microphones and internet connection will be provided at the event.

The time allotted for each presentation is 30minutes; 15 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for question and answer/discussion with audience.

Statement of Ethical Standards: All work presented at the HPC must conform to the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Disaster Relief


Due to the limited time available we will shortlist papers / presentations based on, relevance to the topic, scope of coverage of the topic, relevance to inclusion and consistency innovative experiences & practices on the ground, issues of national and regional policy perspective, SDGs, and relevance to the conference theme.

Audience: The audience will consist of a range of humanitarian professionals, developmental disability-oriented workers, academia and all concerned about health matters affecting people with all forms of disabilities. Also, included will be members drawn from the private sector, government, The Red Cross, UN and all other stakeholders that would be interested in this forum.

Notification of Acceptance
Only the submitting author will be notified of acceptance (or rejection) by email (on or before 2nd week of July 2016). The individual submitting the proposal is then responsible for notifying all other individuals involved in the submission. Please notify us immediately if your contact information changes after you have submitted your abstract. Thank you for your interest in submitting your proposal to the Humanitarian Partnership Conference for consideration.