Exhibition Guide 2016 Final-1-1-001Registration dealine for the exhibition during the 4th Annual International Humanitarian Partnership Conference 2016 is now open!Registration deadline – 9th Sept 2016.

The Conference is organized by the Inter-Agency Working Group on Disaster Preparedness for East & Central AfricaIAWG in collaboration with Christian Blind Mission (CBM), Handicap International, HelpAge International, Christian Aid International, Save the Children and the World Vision.

Exhibition Guide 2016 Final-2-2-001During last year’s conference we had over 75 agencies participating drawn from the UN, the Government, the Red Cross, INGOS, NGOs, Academia and the private sector with a global presence. This year we expect this number to go up with confirmed invitations from 80 organizations bringing together over 150 senior members of staff.

Exhibition Guide 2016 Final-3-3-001We will send you an invoice shortly after you fill the online registration form to guarantee your space. Looking forward to partnering with you in enhancing your visibility. Feel free to share with others that could benefit from this initiative.

Enjoy more of the exhibition photos for the past 2 years conferences (2014 -2015) HERE



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