THEME: “Addressing Humanitarian Crisis in Africa Through Partnerships.”

In 2013, the Humanitarian Partnership Conference brought together universities and NGOs working in the humanitarian
sector. The result was multiple collaborations and ongoing conversation. This year the, 3 day conference wants to take this
conversation to the next level by expanding stakeholder representation and engagement and addressing topical issues in the
world of Humanitarian Assistance.
This year’s conference is a stepping stone for the World Humanitarian Summit (2016)


  • To expand networks and contacts
  • Host discussions in preparation for the World Humanitarian Summit 2016
  • • Formulate recommendations for the Humanitarian sector partnership

Five (5) parallel panel discussions will be held over the 3 days. The discussion topics will review the role that partnerships play in:

1. Sustainable Pastoralism Development
2. Reducing Vulnerability to Climatic Shocks
3. Serving the needs of people in conflict
4. Addressing the Education needs for humanitarians
5. Humanitarian Effectiveness

This conference presents an opportunity not only to discuss the importance of partnerships but also to give your individual views for the World Humanitarian Summit. We look forward to seeing you.


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